The sound of approaching night

What a tickle in the ears: Avishai Cohen's trumpet, just lyrically restrained, now mighty, aims his instrument into the wing inside. Alone in dialogue with the strings, he listens to the slowly reverberating overtones. The Israeli jazzman brought pieces of his two most recent ECM albums to Bi Nuu on Sunday night . Music that seems to have been made for a cool fall weekend in its understated coolness and lack of pathos.

Which does not mean that the music of Cohen's quartet is emotionless. Only that sounds like dreamy melancholy, but also simmering movement in the interplay of the four Israelis, so subtlety that it is best to close your eyes. Then you hear the ultra-precise bass playing of Barak Mori, who climbs up into the air in call-and-response fashion with Avishai Cohen, whose earthy lines sway between the power of the blues and the avant-garde power of a Cecil McBee.

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