Jazz Views Rates "Into The Silence" 10/10

““Into the Silence” by Avishai Cohen is music written by the veteran Israeli born trumpeter following the death of his father. The tunes were additionally inspired by Cohen’s listening to the music of Rachmaninoff, and he is ably assisted by a core group of pianist Yonathan Avishai, bassist Eric Revis and drummer Nasheet Waits, with tenor saxophonist Bill McHenry contributing to the ensembles. On “Life and Death” Cohen’s muted trumpet intones a plaintive, searching melody that is a reflection of the two stages where humans enter and exit the world. He plays a heartfelt solo full of intriguing ideas, followed by a stunning solo from Yonathan Avishai. “Dream Like a Child” captures a range of emotions in fifteen and a half minutes inspired by the wonderment and creativity of children. Waits’ shifting pulses and rhythms on the track are reminiscent of Tony Williams and Jack DeJohnette, anchoring the composed sections nicely. Cohen’s fiery improvising over a rubato stream of cymbals, snare and toms, sets up a solo section for Yonathan Avishai which features a striking duet with Eric Revis’ arco bass unisons and commentary. A brief ostinato at the end frees up Waits to contribute tumultuous thunderous ideas. The title track, opening with a dissonant piano figure, again benefits greatly from Waits’ darkly hued cymbals. The interplay with Eric Revis that Waits displays is impressive as they have been band mates on several occasions. “Behind the Broken Glass” features McHenry’s lone tenor solo of the set, building in rising intensity. The piano only reprise of “Life and Death” is a touching coda to a fantastic album.”

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